Fans of Fantasy! Welcome to the World of Magic! It's past time to say that the name of my web-site has long gone out of date. Now the main (though not the only) part of the project is the Gallery, which contains pictures of mixed painters I like and love. I was born in a poor country where people had no chance to buy art-books and albums. Those days, most of us even did not know what the Internet was. Now the times have changed (not too much improvemenet here in Russia, I regret to say) but still I think that the art must be free. I believe that everyone must have the opportunity to see the art good and wide. And I believe that many of you will feel an urge to buy art-books (and maybe some of you will even buy an original... uh-hu!) - as I feel, now and again. Thank you for coming. Please, stay with us!

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