There was a man who broke my heart,
It won’t be whole again,
He was a hero from the start,
This reckless, joyful man.

He laughed like heaven, cried like hell,
And never had a doubt.
His story is no one’s to tell,
This man’s who was so proud.

He spent his life in angry seas
Of humans born and killed,
And I can tell you only this:
The wound will never heal.

The life was easy and impressed,
But hero’s luck he lacked,
He laughing went to love the death –
And he will not come back.

He spoke of passion bright and smart,
Of truth and lies bereft.
There was a man who killed my heart,
And only splinters left.

And now a splinter, dull and grey,
I give to every man
In hope they will return some day
And make it whole again.

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