When the world was young, the autumn laughed in its wake.
And we laughed with her, having right to give and to take.
Nights were wonder, days were happiness, bright and pure.
And I had no wish to say that I loved you.

What’s a life but a river running blindly and fast?
Try to catch the future – you’ll seize the unmoving past.
It’s a sorry sight, one’s soul, when it’s split in two.
Still, I did not think to say that I loved you.

What’s a memory but the darkest pool of our fear?
Everything’s to be gone, every smile and song you hold dear.
And your face turned pale, your eyes took an empty hue –
Then I found the time to say that I loved you.

Now the eve’s at its end, and the sky’s turning velvet black.
There’s no haste in it, neither pain nor wish to come back.
I believe no more these things once I held so true.
But before you died I said that I loved you.

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